In the recent years our specialists successfully worked on such projects as:


• «Kovdorskiy GOK», flotation equipment for iron ore concentration and sulfur removal, 3 mln t/year

Kovdorskiy GOK, technology design and supply of gravitation section, 1300 t/hour

Kovdorskiy GOK, engineering of new apatite flotation section, 500 t/hour

Apatite, reconstruction of flotation section ANOF-2 (foam feeding and concentrate cleaning) 4.2 mln t/year

Ammofos, engineering and assembling of horizontal belt filter of 110 square meters (phosphoric acid)

Mihaylovskiy GOK, plant for iron ore concentration, 4 mln t/year

Polyarniy Quartz, designing of quartz plant

Quartzwevrke East, design of concentration technology for glass-making sand factory with 2 modules of 30 t/hour each

Shokanskaya Plant, concentration of Ti-Zr sand (Kazakhstan) – technology design for gravitation concentrate separation

Ziryanovskuy GOK, and Ridderskiy GOK of Kaztsink, flotation sections reconstruction

KMARuda tailing concentration project

Kachkanarskiy GOK tailing concentration project, technology design, feasibility study

Mihaylovskiy GOK Research and equipment full-scale tests for extraction of oxidized ferrous minerals from tailings after wet magnetic separation

Polyus-Gold, Matrosov Mine ore concentration plant technology design

Bashmed, Haybulinskaya PP EPC contract for 2 thickeners of 9 meter diameter and 4 -12 meters accompanied by the station for flocculant preparation

Gomel chemical plant engineering and assembling of 110 sq. m. belt filter with


Ammofos engineering and assembling of 100 sq. m. horizontal belt filter with accessories

Polymetall, Merril-Crou section at Kubakinskaya ZIF EPC contract

Polymetall, Amur hydrometallurgical plant - di sorption, acid cleaning reactivation and

electrolysis sections - EPC contract

Magsel (OVOCA) processing plant for Stahanovskoye deposit EPC contract

Eurohim, Volgokaliy design and supply of column flotation machines

Inguletskiy GOK feasibility study and design of thickening section and water treatment of tailings, 85 000 cubic meters / hour 2 and 2 thickeners of 115 meter each


Processing Plant Krasnoarmeyaskaya - Zapadnaya for Donetsk stal, 12 mln t/year

Raspadskaya, I phase for 11 mln t/year, II phase for additional 3 mln t/year, type ʻ

Kureinskaya, project feasibility study and design for YujKuzbassUgol

Sibirginskaya project feasibility study

Listvyanskaya for Sibantratsit construction control, equipment supply

Projects on tailing processing

And the others.

If you have interest in particular area please let us know via info@coralina.ru and we will provide you detailed reference regarding our expertise in the field of your interest.